The Truth About Tennis Balls- Did You Know?

by Dr Madi Hewitson MRCVS
Dog with tennis ball

We advise against stick throwing due to the potential for stick injuries and now we are being real killjoys by warning you about an issue with tennis balls, many a dog’s favourite toy! If you have a tennis ball chewer, have you checked their teeth?  

Dogs who like to chew tennis balls can develop gradual wear to their teeth. The yellow covering of a tennis ball is designed to be tough and abrasive. The addition of dirt that becomes embedded into the ball's surface creates an immensely abrasive surface over time. 

The sandpaper-like qualities of a tennis ball can wear teeth when it is chewed. Damage occurs, particularly to the canines and premolars. They may become flattened and worn over time with excessive wear resulting in exposed pulp and dental disease. 

A few tips in reducing the wear to your dog’s teeth are; 

-       Replace tennis balls that become worn and dirty 

-       Discourage chewing and for those who just can’t control their chomping, wean off the tennis balls to an alternative such as, Chuckits!

-       Check teeth regularly 

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