Smart Bowl by PetBiz

Knowing exactly how much to feed your pet can be daunting, it depends on their age, breed, weight, sterilization status, and activity levels. Petbiz Smart Bowl has the answers to keep your pets at a healthy weight. Input their stats and food brand in the app, and the bowl will calculate how much to feed them. A built-in display shows when you've hit the limit, and a clever feedback system tells you if your pet's appetite changes over time, which is important information for your vet.

  • Built-in scale
  • Digital display
  • Under & overfeeding indicator light
  • WiFi connected
  • App-enabled
  • Works with or without Petbiz Tracker

PetBiz Smart Bowl between yellow boxes



With the data retrieved from PetBiz smart IoT devices, we can have a better understanding of the pet's health condition. That combined with PetPanion's telehealth can offer you the ultimate peace of mind regarding your pet's health.


Feeding advice

The feeding advice on the back of the pack doesn't give you enough guidance to provide healthy meals for your pet, which often leads to obesity and obesity-related illness. Our Smart Bowl knows your pet's age, weight, breed, sterilization status and activity levels, and creates a custom meal plan accordingly.

cat and dog eating from petbiz bowls

Scale and display

The Smart Bowl has a built-in scale and a display, showing you exactly how much to feed. An indicator light tells you if you're over or under, and a wireless connection to the app tells the bowl what the meal plan is for the day.

grey cat eating from a green petbiz smart bowl

Easy to clean

The inner-bowl is removable and easy to clean to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. We've even added a special anti-bacterial coating that keeps germs out of the bowl and prevents chin-acne on cats and dogs.

Petbiz bowl taken apart to show the materials it's made of

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