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How does our solution support your pet and the planet?

At PetPanion we know that our pets lives and ours are ubiquitous with the health of our planet. Climate change is already affecting animal health through increased incidences of non-native diseases and extreme weather. We want to arm you and your pets in the resources to save our planet and protect the future of their health and welfare.

Offset Carbon

The reward that you gain through being proactive about your pets' health on the app can be exchanged into real-life mangrove trees planted in Indonesia!

Carbon Pawprint Calculator

Our Carbon Pawprint Calculator developed with scientist Prof. Pim Martens, allows you to track your pets impact on the planet and discover new ways to reduce it.

Technology For Good

The products we offer and the companies we work with all share our mission of delivering goods that have minimal impact on the planet and maximum impact on pet's health.

Vet Sustain

We support and promote sustainability initiatives in the veterinary profession too. Our partner Vet Sustain does an amazing job and inspires change. See more...

1% for the Planet

Our team volunteers their time to help environmental causes and support communities. We also donate a percentage of all of our profits towards charitable initiatives.

B. Corporation

We aim to become a carbon-neutral company and a B-Corp in 2022


"Dogs have been shown to contribute 10.7 million tons of greenhouse gases a year through their diet alone. That is equivalent to  1.2 million homes’ energy use for one year! "

P. Martens, 2019

Mangrove forests are ten times more effective in carbon reduction than Rainforests!

Thanks to our collaboration with SeaTrees, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support communities in Indonesia! All you have to do is to use our App! Don't worry, it's free!


To save the world we need a new story

Our planet is in crisis- so too is our collective vision for the future; a shared story about how to build the healthier, greener, and more just world we so urgently need. 

Creativity can change the world. It can inspire us to change our minds and our behaviours. To survive this climate crisis, we must use our most powerful tool; communication. 

For decades, scientists have been shouting for the rooftops. The science is clear, but where is the technological innovative response to match the scale of this crisis? The tech. industry and pet industry can either perpetuate the status quo or, it can use its ability to imagine, and paint a vision of a better world. 

There is no single way to tell this story - it must come from different perspectives - but we all can all contribute to building a shared vision for the future. Whether you are an animal owner, a vet, a tech developer, a graphic designer, a scientist or a poet, the climate movement needs you. It is only when we dare to imagine this new world that we will get there.

- Dr Madi Hewitson MRCVS


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