Does your pet suffer from Separation Anxiety?

by Dr Madi Hewitson MRCVS

Lockdown is coming to an end and some of us, pet owners, will be going back to work soon. For some of us, it might be good news, for others not so much, but one thing for sure - our pets will notice the change when staying home alone again.

fluffy grey cat lying on the kitchen chair looking bored

When you are going back to the office after weeks of working from home due to lockdown, your pets can suffer from separation anxiety. Find out more about how to deal with your cat’s and dog’s separation anxiety with these few tips from PetPanion! 

Catch a Runner's High

After the craziness of getting back into the working day routine, nothing gets your mind right like hitting the gym. Your pet gets the same endorphin rush when they exercise, so making jogs and strenuous playtime part of your routine (and doing it safely) can lower stress levels for you and her.

Choose the Right Toy

Even if Patch adores her old tennis ball, opt for a different toy to soothe dog separation anxiety when you're out of the house. Avoid playthings emphasizing owner interaction in favour of treat-dispensing toys, toys with noise or puzzle-centred toys for testing memory. She'll entertain herself with these and not expect you to be there for playtime when she sees them. Switching these toys every day can also help to increase the fun your pet will have with them. For cats popping on a youtube channel for cats, which has birds on can also keep them entertained throughout the day. 

Give Extra Attention

Make it a point to spend extra quality time with your pet when your schedule starts getting busy. Refreshing skills they already know can provide comfort and gives you additional opportunities to reward and praise for good behaviour. Pets appreciate structure and thrive when they have it. Even when your days are jam-packed, take 15 minutes to go through their commands (play with your pet, refresh or learn new skills together).

Create a Spa Environment

Humans complain less when they're treated to a spay day, and your pet is no different. Pamper a stressed-out pooch with some relaxing music (classical or reggae or country is shown to have a calming effect on pets). Pet diffusers such as, Feliway or Adaptil release calming pheromones into the environment to relieve some of the tension your pet may be feeling. 

If you still have questions, feel free to talk to one of our vets via the PetPanion app for more tips specific to your pets needs!

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