Collaboration is the key to our mission

What's data without context? Knowledge without action? We couldn't do this without our partners and collaborators. Organisations who are as committed as we are to preventing poor animal's health and protecting the planet.


Environmental Sciences


PetPanion is working with SeaTrees to help reduce the environmental impact of pet ownership on the planet. The aim for us is to offset the carbon produced in each pets lifetime by allowing pet owners to plant and protect mangrove forests for free using rewards gained through proactive pet ownership.

Maastricht University

We are working with professor Pim Martens at Maastricht University to produce a Carbon Pawprint Calculator that will allow you to control your pet's carbon footprint. The data from this project will go towards research into improving knowledge of animal's environmental impact and developing sustainable innovations.

The long-term vision is to measure the effectiveness of influencing behavioural changes in pet owners on the planet and the pet's health.

Vet Sustain

We are strongly supporting sustainable initiatives within the veterinary sector. VetSustain's incredible and non-profit work helps to highlight environmental shortfalls within the profession. On top of that, we volunteer our time and hope to promote attitude changes that benefit the health of all living beings in line with the "One Health" concept.


PetPanion donates 1% of our profits to projects that share our mission of protecting the planet!

Veterinary Science

Vet Compass

Vet Compass is leveraging Petpanion's data and analytical capabilities to gain further understanding of disease processes in domesticated animals. Together, we aim to produce one of the most comprehensive databases of domestic animal disease that will combine and analyse clinical, digital, observational, behavioural and biochemical data with machine learning to develop biomarkers and digital therapeutic.


We are working with Vetstream to make certified veterinary information available to all. Vetstream's Vetlexicon information has been key to delivering free education to pet owners and aiding our mission to prevent potentially life-threatening effects that come with gaining false information in unreliable sources. We believe that educating pet owners leads to an improvement in pet health and increased compliance with treatment plans.


Pet Health Direct

We work with Pet Health Direct to deliver products to pet owners that fulfil our criteria for sustainability. PetHealth also donates to a fantastic charity, Our Special Friends. Without our distributors, we would not be able to deliver on our vision.


The aim of our partnership with PetBiz is to harness the power of technology and use it for good. Data collected through connected devices is crucial to gain important insight into activity, behavioural and biochemical changes in pets, that will ultimately benefit all pets across the world.


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