PetBiz G20 PRO GPS TRACKER on a white background


The Petbiz G20 Pro GPS Tracker is the most advanced way to keep track of your pet's whereabouts. 30-day battery life, swappable covers in cool designs, and, different from the Gen1 Tracker, it can even monitor your pet's health. 

Petbiz tracker on it's own with white background
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • E-fence with alerts
  • Advanced app
  • Burned calories monitoring
  • Activity monitoring
  • Splash proof
  • Works with the Smart Bowl for expert feeding advice based on real data
  • Swappable covers (ships with camo blue)
  • Works with cats and dogs


With the data retrieved from PetBiz smart IoT devices, we can have a better understanding of the pet's health condition. That combined with PetPanion's telehealth can offer you the ultimate peace of mind regarding your pet's health.

GPS tracker attached to a collar on a desk

Unmatched 30-day battery life!

Other trackers don't last for more than a week, but our proprietary algorithm keeps your tracker running for up to a full month on a single charge. This isn't just convenient, but when your pet is lost our battery has you covered to keep the location active.

dog wearing the petbiz gps tracker on his collar

E-fence notifies you when your pets wander off. Set a virtual parameter around your property and receive instant alerts when your pet goes where it's not supposed to go.


Our tracker knows how active your pet is, looking at hours spent sleeping or being active and how many calories they burn. Our app gives feeding advice based on your pet's age, weight, breed, sterilization levels and actively monitored. 

Combine it with our Smart Bowl for effortless healthy meals!

Still unsure? We are happy to answer all your questions! :)

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