We're like you,

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Many Animal Lovers, One Mission!

Entrepreneurs, veterinarians, scientists, technologists, artists, environmentalists, real people and their real friends - animals! A diverse group all joined together by one common goal of creating a better future for our pets and their parents.

Qian holding a black cat

Qian Huang


A firm believer of "One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" who witnessed the power of data in health insurance (for human), Qian is determined to build a data-driven pet care app that puts pet parents in complete control of your pet’s wellness, medically and financially.

Madi holding two puppies in the sun

Dr Madison Hewitson MRCVS

Chief Operating Officer

A veterinarian who is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of humans, animals and ecosystems. Madi looks after all our esteemed partners & contributes to app development. The current focus is on our unique Carbon Pawprint Calculator©. Coming soon!

Nico with a puppy on the train

Nicolás Labowitz

Chief Marketing Officer

10+ years of professional background in marketing and commercial areas in pet industry, FMCG and retail. Nicolás has extensive experience working with startups. MBA from IE Business School, MSc. Marketing. A proud owner of the world's most enthusiastic squirrels chasing puppy!

Anna with a kitten in her arms

Anna Markowska

Chief Design Officer

Marketing background in the Indie Music Industry. BA in Events Management, soon to be MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise from the University of the Arts in London. Despite the young age, Anna is often called a "crazy cat lady" already. Guess how many cats does she have at home?

Alex with a dog in the flowers

Alex Quan


Product leader, and super proud dog dad, with over a decade of experience in tech. Alex is excited to bring his gaming background to PetPanion to improve the lives of pets and pet parents around the world!

Peggy holding a fluffy dog in her arms

Dr Peggy Findji MRCVS

Chief Veterinary Officer

First opinion veterinarian specialised in small animal medicine with over 20 years of experiences working in both France and the UK. Peggy likes painting when she is not operating.


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