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Video Vet | Smart Tracking Devices | Wellness Score | Bespoke Care


Why PetPanion?

  • Unique and personalised PetPanion Wellness Score
  • Full medical records integration and storage
  • UK qualified veterinarians with full access to your pet’s data
  • On-Demand 30-Mins Video Vet consultations
  • Bespoke Healthcare Plans with free unlimited Video Vet consultations
  • Smart bowls with WiFi and data integration for food intake tracking
  • 5G GPS Trackers with 30-day battery-life and 1-year data included
  • FREE App with routine treatments reminders and much more...

Bespoke Vet Consultations

Our UK qualified veterinary surgeons have access to your pet's full medical history to offer the best possible care. No more generic advice from bots, no need to subscribe to trials.

30-min Consultation for FREE!

For a limited time only (usually £25!). Use code 'unconditional' when booking on the FREE PetPanion app.


Check out our Bespoke Healthcare Plans

  • Tailor-made Healthcare plan based on your pet’s data
  • On-going tracking and vet support
  • FREE Unlimited video vet consultations
  • 10% discount in PetPanion shop
  • FREE Smart bowl with WiFi and data integration for food intake tracking *   
  • FREE Gen1 5G GPS Tracker with 30-day battery life *
  • FREE 1-year data included *
  • Renewal for £9.9 p/month *


(*Available in certain plans)


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How does the PetPanion Wellness Score work?

The Wellness Score will help you evaluate and track your pet’s health. PetPanion will retrieve and store your pet’s medical record from the veterinary clinic. Retrieved data will create personalised Wellness Score.

  • Add your pet
  • Update your pet’s health profile
  • Link with a registered veterinary clinic
  • Check the score
  • Add reminders and update the info as needed

We want to put you in complete control of your pet's health

PetPanion provides pet health & wellness advice to pet owners through a free app and bespoke healthcare plans, combining cutting edge technology, data, and veterinary expertise.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to always being in the know.


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